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By studying how energy flows from ruling sign to planet to ruling sign it is possible to see which planet or group of planets which on the receiving end of all the energy in the chart. Imagine that the Astrological chart as a game of Monopoly. To carry forth the monopoly analogy; the owner of Park Place and Boardwalk is not guaranteed to be the winner of the game, but it does give the owner a distinct advantage. Each planet rules at least one sign and when other planets spend time in a sign that planet rules, the ruling planet receives energy from the other planet. For example.

Currently Uranus is in Pisces and Neptune is in Aquarius.

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Neptune is receiving energy from Uranus via Pisces. Uranus is receiving energy from Neptune via Aquarius. Since they are receiving energy from each other this is call Mutual Reception. There are other ways planets can share energy with each other.

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  8. For example in my own chart three planets are chained in reception. In such arrangement all the planets in the chain get a share of the energy may flow inbound.

    Final Dispositor - The Astrology Dictionary

    To use my chart as an example again. The Moon therefore disposits Jupiter. In turn, the Moon is in Pisces, so is disposited by Jupiter which is disposed by the Moon. And around we continue to go.

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    Venus and Saturn are in Aries. Mars rules Aries, so Mars disposits both Venus and Saturn. Mars is in Scorpio where he is ruler. Mars is final dispositor in this case. The three most influential planets in my chart would therefore be the Moon, Jupiter and Mars.

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    Luckily they do:. In terms of who has the most power to act? Given that both Jupiter and Mars are accidentally debilitated, that would be the Moon- in the 1st house- who is the most powerful planet in my chart. The challenge for Madonna is that Mercury and the Sun have little in common. Further, with both planets accidentally debilitated in the 12th, she has to work extra hard to access their power.

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    Keep an eye on your final dispositors- especially taking note of your health and vitality when they are retrograde. How I learnt astrology… What time is it? The concept of dispositorship is similar, but different.

    see url First of all, though, you need to know what it means. My chart is above. Mercury, in Pisces, will also end at the Moon and Jupiter. What of the other planets?

    Ask Kevin: Interpreting Sole Dispositors

    Get the idea? Lets go through them: The Sun in Leo is disposited by itself.

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