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More than any other single factor, the founding myth behind how these planetary objects are named tends to color their perception in astrology.

Sedna — like other recent finds such as Pluto and Chiron — was named by the consensus of her discoverers. Sedna is the first planetary name drawn from the Native American traditions, rather than Greco-Roman antiquity. Yale astronomer David L. Rabinowitz, a member of the discovery team, spoke of the intent behind the name:. We might have chosen Greek or Roman gods, but they have all been used.

Occult America

So we looked at Inuit mythology. The Inuits are naturally familiar with the cold appropriate for distant planets. The goddess of Arctic sea life and a dweller in the icy ocean depths, Sedna is traditionally depicted as a tragic and wrathful female god — a young woman who suffered horrible betrayal by those around her and who was conscripted to immortality at the bottom of the ocean after her own father abandoned her during a deadly storm.

In the West today, we often recast myths in search of an affirming moral: the Death card in Tarot becomes routinely interpreted as a card of rebirth; Pluto — or Hades — in the astrological canon becomes associated with insights of the unconscious; the Greco-Roman gods are often stripped of their malice and vanity in popular renderings. A Distant, Suffering Goddess.

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At least two primary versions exist: One involves a young woman who weds a dog-god, to whom she bears many offspring: human children, who become Inuit, and mongrel children, who become the white man. In another related version, perhaps more widely known and accepted, a vain young woman is tricked into marrying a malevolent bird-god.

Based on several sources, here is a contemporary rendering:. Sedna was a lovely but vain young woman with beautiful, flowing hair. She lived with her widowed father in an Inuit fishing village. While many suitors vied for her affections, she found none to her liking — leading her father to fear that his daughter would never wed. One day a mysterious hunter entered the village, his features hidden behind a robe. The hunter brought her to a strange and faraway island — where he shed his cloak and revealed his true form: He was not a hunter at all, but instead was a fearsome birdman.

Sedna was less his bride than his prisoner. Isolated and lonely, Sedna waited daily on the island while the birdman set off to hunt. As a great bird, he caught only fish — and Sedna grew weary of the same diet day after day. He arrived while the birdman was away, and Sedna complained of her plight — how they had been deceived, and how sad she was to be struck on an island with nothing to eat but fish.

Her father vowed to take her back home.

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He led Sedna to his kayak and began to paddle away before the birdman returned. But the birdman saw the daughter and father from the skies and angrily swooped down on them. The father paddled furiously, but the birdman possessed mighty powers of the air, and he conjured up a terrible storm. Sedna was tossed into the icy waters. Sedna swam furiously back to the kayak. Terrified of his small boat capsizing, her father beat her away with his oar, striking at her fingers as they clutched the side of the kayak. So hard did her father strike that he severed the fingers from her hands.

Her thumbs became whales, her other fingers seals, walruses, and other sea mammals. Sedna fell to the ocean depths to join the creatures that her fingers had become. Thus was the sea populated with life. Sedna became the mother and master of sea creatures at the ocean floor. Her once-beautiful hair became matted with plants and detritus of the ocean — having no fingers she could not comb it. From time to time, Sedna weeps terribly — for her isolation, for her betrayal at the hands of her father, and for her hair, now matted and thick. When she sinks into her deepest sorrows, Sedna withholds the mammals of the sea from man, and hunters return home without food, their families going hungry.

At such times, village shamans must enter ethereal states where they can visit Sedna on the ocean floor and comfort her by combing her hair. When so sated, Sedna softens and once again allows the Inuit to partake of the animals of the deep — the children of her betrayal. As Above, So Below. Astrologers tend to calibrate the discovery of new bodies — such as Uranus in and Pluto in — to changes on Earth.

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The discovery of Uranus, the planet of revolution and innovation, is looked back upon as a herald of popular revolutions — the French revolution in particular. Gifted child Wolfgang Mozart had a pushy stage-dad, died early and was buried in a paupers grave.

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